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Why Count Your Macros?


Where to start!

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you have probably heard about MyFitnessPal. This app was and is the greatest invention to date. This app allows you to count your macronutrients and calorie consumption.

Why is this important for counting your macros?

When following a High-Fat, Low-Carb Diet (such a the Paleolithic Diet or the Ketogenic Diet) you MUST ensure that your carbohydrates stay below a certain number (varies by each person) in order for the Diet to work properly. Not following the rules and guidelines can cause not only step backs in physical results but also hormonal results. The goal with the High-Fat Diets are that your body uses fat as its energy source(long-lasting energy source) instead of carbohydrates as its’ energy source (fast-acting energy source). Going High-Fat, Low-Carb is great for weight loss because it can help you stay fuller longer. Not only losing weight but also helping maintain focus and keep your energy up throughout the day. Keeping carbohydrates to (Net Carbs) or keeping them VERY low (Less than 40g) can keep insulin levels low and help with diabetics or those that experience sugar spikes.

Oh and it can also be VERY tasty. 🙂

We truly believe that this way of eating is a very sustainable lifestyle. Many find that maintaining health as well as performing in the gym and seeing results can be true when following the rules and guidelines that these diets require. We highly recommend downloading this app and playing around with it to get used to inputting your meals to figure out how to use it. This is not an advertisement for MyFitnessPal. You can use any calorie counting/macro app you wish but we have found that MyFitnessPal has the largest Food Database to help make inputting food easier.

We hope this article helps you understand a little bit about Counting your Macros and why we believe in the Paleo and Ketogenic way of eating. We like to offer a little something for everyone so if you wish to eat more of a High-Carb, Low-Fat Diet we also have the Macro Meals that allow you to follow a Higher Carb diet.

We are not doctors and we are not recommending this diet for everyone. Please see your physician before making any diet changes to ensure your safety and health.

Please also note that this way of eating does not work for everyone and to stay open minded to try to new foods/diets if something is not working or you are feeling like you cannot maintain the diet. After all, you do want to maintain your results (internally/physically) for the long run, right?

We cannot stress enough the importance of following specified guidelines depending on the diet you choose to follow for best results. Altering a diet too much can affect the results and can also defeat the process of your body using fat as energy.

Here are a few beginner guides to going High-Fat, Low-Carb:

Paleolithic Diet

Ketogenic Diet


Written by:

Lindsey Youngman, Manager of Fresh Fix Kitchen

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